Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Rover’s Garden Safari event: Everything you need to know!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Rover’s Garden Safari event: Everything you need to know!

Rover's Garden Safari

Rover has come to visit your campground, but he’s here on a mission. He wants to collect all of the rare winter breed butterflies. He needs your help to collect as many as possible. Rover’s Garden Safari event runs from January 11 through January 21, so you don’t have a whole lot of time to get through the entire event. Here’s everything you need to know about how to catch rare butterflies and earn all of Rover’s special furniture.

The basics

Rover's Garden Safari

The goal is to catch as many rare butterflies as possible. You’ll earn rewards for catching a certain number for each task. For example, once you’ve completed the first topaz butterfly task, you’ll get Rover’s stool.

To catch a rare butterfly in your garden, plant seasonal dahlia seeds. You can buy blue dahlia seeds from Lloid and you can earn blue and red dahlia seeds by completing requests.

You’ll also earn rewards for sharing rare butterflies with friends. Visit a friend’s garden and leave a butterfly on a flower (hint: It doesn’t have to be a dahlia) for your friend. Most of the time (but not every time), Rover will reward you with a dahlia seed for sharing.

You’ll also earn red and blue dahlia seeds from completing tasks around the campground. So, be sure to continue your regular camper quests to earn those extra seeds.

The event takes place in two waves with four different types of flowers and butterflies and four different runs of quests.

Wave 1: Diamond and Topaz butterflies

The first wave of Rover’s Garden Safari event starts on January 11 and runs all the way through until January 21, when the event ends. During this time, you’ll be collecting rare Diamond and Topaz butterflies by planting blue and red dahlia seeds.

Wave 2: Winter and Gold butterflies

The second wave of Rover’s Garden Safari event starts on January 16 and runs until the event ends on January 21. You have less time to collect rare Winter and Gold butterflies from white dahlias, which only become available when the second wave starts.

Important note: You can’t keep rare butterflies or seasonal flowers after the event ends, so don’t try to stock up. Share butterflies with friends as often as possible and trade stocks of dahlias to Lloid in exchange for flower beds and crafting materials. Don’t hold onto anything.

Plant and harvest regularly

Rover's Garden Safari

Rare butterflies spawn randomly on dahlias. If you plant 10 blue dahlias, for example, you might only spawn five or six butterflies.

Butterflies will only be attracted to a freshly bloomed flower. It won’t leave once bloomed until you’ve caught or failed to catch it, but new butterflies will not spawn on an existing flower.

If you don’t see a butterfly on a new bloom, you’ll never see one. Harvest it and plant a new one. There is almost never a reason to leave a dahlia unharvested in your garden. Almost never…

Leave a couple of un-harvested flowers behind so your friends can share butterflies with you — maybe just three. If you harvest everything, your garden won’t have any sharable blooms for three or more hours.

You get more chances to catch rare butterflies when your friends share them with you and your friends earn additional seeds. Everybody wins!

You’ll know whether a butterfly in your garden is from a friend by checking the Visitors section of your Friend list. If Penny left you a butterfly, it’ll appear under her name.

Water your plants

Rover's Garden Safari

Just like the standard planting and harvesting cycle, you have to make sure your flowers don’t wilt while they’re in the ground. If that happens, the growth progress stops and doesn’t start up again until you water them again.

For standard gardening tips, I’d tell you to leave a few flowers un-watered so that your friends can earn some Friend Powder by watering your garden for you, but not during this event.

Water all of your plants and keep them watered whenever they need it. This will ensure that your flowers won’t wilt because you accidentally forgot about them and no one has stopped by to water them for you.

Stop hoarding your butterflies, give them away!

Rover's Garden Safari

Share your rare butterflies with friends. Hoarding them does you no good. Give them to friends in order to earn more seeds and friend powder from Rover. You’ll get furniture from Rover for the butterflies you catch, but you don’t have to keep them in your inventory.

Your progress is tallied in the Event section of your garden. When you give butterflies away, the total doesn’t drop. They also disappear from your inventory after the event ends, so keeping them to yourself doesn’t do anyone any good.

On average, Rover will give you one dahlia seed for each butterfly you share. This isn’t exact, however. Sometimes, he doesn’t give you any.

You can share rare butterflies with friends on their non-rare plants. Help friends out that haven’t planted any seasonal flowers yet!

Set a timer to check your garden

Though you should be able to get all of Rover’s furniture fairly easily with regular game play, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to water and harvest your plants in a timely manner. To make sure you’re always on the right track, set a timer for every two hours (that’s how long it takes before your flowers will wilt and stop growing). You don’t have to run through the entire campground’s requests, but you can make sure your flowers bloom when they’re supposed to.

You should consider setting a second timer to remind you to catch rare butterflies after your flowers have bloomed. They won’t fly away if you don’t catch them right away, but the sooner you catch them, the sooner you can harvest your flowers, which means the sooner you can plant and grow new flowers to continue the cycle.

You don’t need Lloid to help you

Rover's Garden Safari

Getting Lloid to secure a catch is a pricey endevor. Yes, it guarantees that you’ll get the butterflies, but if you play regularly and keep track of your garden, you won’t need that extra security to get all of the event rewards before it ends.

Just remember that sometimes your butterfly catches will yield very low results (below 50%), but other times, you’ll catch a lot of them in one bloom.

Plant a garden full of blue dahlias before bed

If you recall the garden rules, plants will wilt if they are still growing and haven’t been watered after three hours. That means red dahlias will wilt before their growth process is complete if you don’t water them once.

Blue dahlias, on the other hand, complete their bloom at three hours. So, if you plant a garden full of blue dahlias before you go to bed, you’ll wake up in the morning with a fresh set of flowers and rare butterflies.

Planting flowers that bloom overnight will also help your friends that live across the globe. While you’re sleeping, they’re playing, and they’d love to drop off a butterfly or two in your garden.

Hoard your dahlias!

Rover's Garden Safari

You can trade harvested dahlias to Lloid for flower boxes and crafting materials. I personally recommend trading as many red dahlias as possible for essence as many times as you can, since those items are hard to come by in the game and are expensive to replace with Leaf Tickets if you want to craft something when you don’t have enough materials.

Any questions?

Do you have any more questions about Rover’s Garden Safari event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Put them in the comments and we’ll help you out.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Rover’s Garden Safari event: Everything you need to know!

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