Best Microphones to Use for Shooting Video on your iPhone

Best Microphones to Use for Shooting Video on your iPhone

Best microphones to use for shooting video on your iPhone

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3… Can you hear me? Good!

While your iPhone’s microphone is pretty great out of the box, an external mic will definitely step up your audio recording game — especially if you’re looking to use your iPhone as a semi-professional video rig.

Take your videos to the next level by investing in an external microphone to produce crisp, professional quality audio right on your iPhone!

Apogee MiC Plus USB Microphone

Apogee MiC Plus is a professional studio-quality USB microphone you can connect to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. (Apple)

The Apogee MiC Plus makes recording on the go super simple with it’s PureDIGITAL connection for that crisp, clear sound quality you’d normally find recording at home. While the Apogee MiC Plus is certainly a mighty little device, it’s portable size makes it the perfect accessory for microphone-ing on the run.

All you need to do is plug in your Apogee MiC Plus and hit record: no configuration is needed. With this particular portable mic you also get a lighting cable, USB cable, desktop tripod stand, microphone stand adapter, and a quick start guide.

You can pick up your very own Apogee MiC Plus for around $250.

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Rode IXYL Condenser

Rode IXYL Condenser

Rode’s IXLY Condenser mic will deliver rich and accurate recordings when paired with your iPhone or iPad.

At the heart of the IXYL is a matching pair of cardioid condenser capsules fixed in a perfect 90-degree alignment to pick up the most immersive, true-to-life sound every time. It also comes with a foam windscreen for when you’re recording outdoors, and a reinforced protective case for your IXLY.

Installing your $169 IXLY is simple too; all you have to do is attach your IXLY to your Lightning connector port and you’re on your way!

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Zoom iQ7

Zoom iQ7

The Zoom iQ7 may be small, but it promises everything you need to move from the role of bystander to creative filmmaking mastermind.

The iQ7 contains two microphone elements – a directional ‘mid’ mic that captures audio coming from the direction you’re pointing it and bidirectional ‘side’ microphone that picks up the ambient sounds around you.

Because of a three-way stereo width switch on the iQ7, you can customize your recordings based on your environment. Set it to 90 degrees to focus directly on an interview subject, or flip over to 120 degrees for a wider sound-stage which incorporates surrounding ambiance.

You can download Zoom’s free HandyRecorder app which adds functionality and control for your recordings, along with the power to edit and modify your creations.

The Zoom iQ7 will cost you around $100.

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Shure MV88

Shure MV88

Easy to install and perfect if you require a hassle-free microphone, the Shure MV88 mic is a great, lightweight tool to pair with your iPhone.

With innovative, mid-side architecture for the cleanest, clearest stereo sound, the MV88 connects directly to any iPhone or iPad via the Lightning connector port so you can turn your day-to-day gear into a professional quality at-home rig.

This $149 mic is built with a unique, flexible 90-degree hinge that rotates, so you can adjust and bend your microphone in different directions.

Five built-in preset modes, including speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument, and loud, can be accessed through the free ShurePlus MOTIV Recording App.

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Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone

Just connect the Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone to your iPhone’s Lightning connector port, clip the mic to your shirt and you’ll be able to start recording high-quality stereo audio on the go!

This pocket-sized digital stereo microphone works with a number of Apple products and is designed to be used both for video and audio recordings. The recording mic even comes with it’s own free recording app that can be downloaded from the App store.

The Sennheiser ME-2 omni-directional capsule captures the sound source whilst screening out unwanted background noise and the high-resolution Apogee converter digitally transmits the sound via the Lightning connector with exceptional clarity. (Apple)

The Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone will cost you around $200.

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Blue Mikey Digital Microphone

If you’re looking for a super small but super powerful recording device that’ll certainly give you some bang for your buck, then it’s worth it to take a peek at the highly-rated Blue Mikey Digital Microphone.

Blue Mic’s Mikey Digital microphone offers vastly superior recording quality over you smartphone’s built-in mic (Wired)

This iPhone-jack microphone is all you need to become a Gatsby-grade bootlegger (Rolling Stone)

With Mikey, the difference is very noticeable (

The Blue Mikey Digital Microphone has a 230-degree swivel head design that lets you capture all sorts of sound from any direction. With this mic, you can record everything from intricate musical melodies, podcasts, on-air interviews, and so much more — all you need to do it pop it into your Lightning port, and the Blue Mikey Digital Microphone will do the rest!

With the Blue Mikey Digital Microphone, you get a USB connector for device charging, auto level sensing for low and high gain settings, plug and play simplicity, and much, much more!

You can pick up your very own Mikey for around $100, or if you’re someone who has an older iPhone without a Lighting port, you can pick up a 30-pin version of the Blue Mic’s Mikey Digital for the same price.

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What’s your pick?

Is there a microphone that you find is the perfect companion for shooting or recording on your iPhone?

Let me know what it is in the comments below and I’ll be sure to take a look at it!

Updated February 2018: This article has been updated to include the Blue Mikey Digital Microphone, the Sennheiser ClipMic digital Mobile Recording Microphone, and the Apogee MiC Plus USB Microphone. We have removed the Rode VideoMic Me along with the IK Multimedia iRig MIC Field.

Best Microphones to Use for Shooting Video on your iPhone

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