Feeling Nostalgic? Run WinAmp in a Web Browser & Play MP3s!

Feeling Nostalgic? Run WinAmp in a Web Browser & Play MP3s!

Run WinAmp in a web browser today

Do you remember WinAmp, the old funky ’90s music player for Windows and Mac? If you were a computer user in the late 1990s during the dot com boom, you probably used WinAmp to play your MP3 library, maybe even running it alongside Napster. At that time the quirky media player felt very modern and cutting edge, and was so ubiquitous that it was kind of like the iTunes of the era. If you had a computer and an mp3 collection, you probably used WinAmp.

Well if you’re feeling some computing nostalgia for WinAmp, you’re in luck because an enterprising developer has recreated a fully functional WinAmp2 clone entirely in Javascript, and that means you can run good old WinAmp today in your web browser on a Mac, Windows PC, or even iOS device.

WinAmp JS plays music, has an adjustable equalizer, a music playlist, and of course it features the exact same quirky interface that defined the entire experience. Will this be practical for actually listening to music? Of course not. Is it a fun retro look at the past of media players that may stir up some memories of 20 years ago? You betcha!

All you need is a modern web browser on a Mac, Windows PC, Linux, Android, or iOS device, and you’re ready to play around with WinAmp.

And yes, it really works.

You can even add your own music by importing it into the WinAmp web client. Just open the files through WinAmp, or you can drag and drop your own mp3’s into the WinAmp web browser window to play them (remember it’s easy to search your Mac for specific file types like mp3 with the ‘kind:mp3’ Spotlight search parameter). Adjust the EQ, create a playlist of your favorite 90s mp3s, and you can pretend like it’s 1998 all over again.

Get retro with WinAmp in a modern web browser

WinAmp JS is also open source, so if you feel like digging around in the source code on GitHub or spinning it off into some other curious project, then you’ve got a springboard to do so.

Is this the most useful thing you’ll ever find? Maybe it is! OK, probably not, but it sure is fun!

We’re obviously fans of retro computing here and like to share some of the more fun nostalgia available online, with things like running HyperCard in System 7.5 in your web browser, or playing Wolfenstein 3D in a web browser, or reliving thousands of old DOS games in your browser, and so much more.

If you also have a soft spot for the early personal computing world of decades past, then browse through our retro archives here and have a good time.

Feeling Nostalgic? Run WinAmp in a Web Browser & Play MP3s!

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