Five Great Nintendo Switch Stands and Docks

Five Great Nintendo Switch Stands and Docks

When you’ve got your Nintendo Switch in the dock and connected to the TV, your game time is perfect. You can grind your mats for hours without worrying about battery drain. But if you’re playing in tablet mode, you’ve got to add some recharge time. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t think about where the charging port is located when designing the Switch in tabletop mode.

If you want to be able to play while you’re charging your Nintendo Switch, check out these excellent stands and docks!

Lamicall Multi-Angle Stand

The Lamicall multi-angle stand for the Nintendo Switch is an incredible stand that is easily portable. With two movable areas and rubber cushions to keep your Switch in place, it’s a way to keep your Switch in place. It’s easy to charge your Switch, as well, with loads of room between the surface and your Switch.

For around $17, this stand is a great deal for this well-made product. This foldable, pocket size stand is great for when you want to play on the go or at a friends house.

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Nyko Power Pak with stand

Tired of your Nintendo Switch running out of power? The Nyko Power Pak with stand can help you game longer and more comfortably!

The Nyko Power Pak with stand is a 5,000mAh battery pack that you clip onto the Switch, sort of like a battery case. It charges up your Switch when the power runs low, and you can turn the juice on and off as you please. There are LED indicator lights at the bottom to let you know your charging status. It also has a built-in kickstand, since the Power Pak actually covers the Switch’s kickstand.

It costs around $40 (cheapest battery pack for Switch so far), and will be available in August 31st.

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Nyko Portable Docking Kit

Portable Docking Kit

Looking for a Nintendo Switch dock that isn’t so bulky? Look no further than the Nyko Portable Docking Kit.

It’s a significantly smaller stand for connecting your Switch to a TV. You can toss it in your bag and take it to your friends house and just connect with the included HDMI cable. The USB-C/AC adapter lets you charge your Switch while it’s connected to the TV, just like the official Dock, only much smaller and easier to carry around.

You can officially purchase this dock for about $40, and you’ll have loads of room for other items with this small dock!

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FastSnail Portable Docking Kit

If you’re searching for a smaller dock with more ports to connect to, the FastSnail Portable Docking Kit is what you should look into.

This dock comes with six ports for you to connect into, and there is even a button to switch from TV mode to Tabletop mode. This small dock is perfect if you’re travelling to another person’s home or you’re looking for a steady way to play your Switch with travelling.

For approximately $50, this smaller dock is perfect if you’re looking to save space or you frequently travel.

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Moko Nintendo Switch Stand

If you’re looking for a well-constructed and minimalist stand for your Nintendo Switch, the Moko Nintendo Switch Stand will likely appeal to you.

The brushed aluminum finish makes the stand look and feel like a well-constructed device. The hole in the back of the stand is perfect for holding cables out of the way so they don’t get in the way of your screen, or get tangled up into a ball while you’re playing.

You can get the Moko Nintendo Switch Stand in black, silver, or gold for about $17 and it has 210 degrees of movement, meaning you should be able to find the perfect viewing angle in tablet mode.

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Which stand or dock do you use for your Nintendo Switch?

Let us know in the comment below!

Updated January 2018: We’ve added the FastSnail dock and Lamicall stand!

Five Great Nintendo Switch Stands and Docks

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