Get this powerful Mac utility software for just $39

Get this powerful Mac utility software for just $39

Have you noticed your Mac is slowing down? After a few years of heavy use, your hard drive is in need of some TLC. There are some built-in utilities that can help, but why not use what the experts at the Genius Bar use?

That would be Drive Genius 5! Drive Genius is the clear choice for Mac users in the know, as it will silently work to speed up, clean up, protect, and even bring your Mac back from the dead. It will also keep you up-to-date on potential hard drive issues with its alert system that does Malware Scans, physical checks, and much more.

Usually, this software sells for around $100, but you can save 60% via iMore Digital Offers and get this critical software for only $39! This latest edition includes 19 utilities and includes the following features:

  • Scan your system automatically & identify malware while in idle mode using the brand new Drive Pulse feature
  • Create a bootable secondary drive to easily repair your main hard drive w/ the BootWell feature
  • Optimize & speed up your Mac for maximum performance
  • Alerts you of problems before they escalate into major issues
  • Find large files & duplicates; delete ones you don’t need
  • Personalize, set custom icons & make drive identification easier
  • Measure the performance of your drive & check for hardware related problems
  • Check for possible file & folder corruption to prevent data loss
  • Repair most kinds of logical file & folder errors to prevent future critical problems

What are you waiting for? This powerful Mac utility package can be yours for only $39. Breathe new life into your Mac with Drive Genius 5!

Get this powerful Mac utility software for just $39

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