How To Change Text Message Ringtone On iPhone X

How To Change Text Message Ringtone On iPhone X

How To Change Text Message Ringtone On iPhone X

If you are a great fan of the Apple iPhone X, you should be able to tweak some of the features according to your own preferences. One of these could be getting to know how to change the text message ringtone. One of the great benefits of learning about the text message sounds is that it enables you to set preferred messaging sounds for specific contacts. It is also an interesting way of customizing alarm ringtones for specific tasks. You can easily get to the default message ringtone sounds on your iPhone X by following our guide as provided below;

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How to Change Text Message Ringtone on Apple iPhone X

You can seamlessly create and add custom ringtones for iPhone X. Custom texts and text message ringtones can be set for individual contacts. Just follow the steps below and see how it works;

  1.   Power on your iPhone X.
  2.   In the Settings app tap on Sounds.
  3.   From the Sounds menu, select Ringtone and browse for the sound file you would like to use as your iPhone X ringtone.

The directives provided above should be sufficient to help you set specific ringtone for one individual contact on your iPhone X.

Setting a Ringtone for individual contacts means that any other contact will use the default text messages ringtone. Personalize your iPhone X by customizing ringtones and moreover, it will save you a lot of time because you will be able to identify callers and message senders without having to look at your smartphone.

How To Change Text Message Ringtone On iPhone X

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