How To Fix Apple iPhone X Slow WiFi Problems iPhone Tricks

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Slow WiFi Problems iPhone Tricks

In this guide, we shall take a look at the most recurrent issue on the iPhone X, which is the slow WiFi speed. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and many more will alert you they are unable to refresh or continue stuck on the reloading screen. Sometimes this occurs even when it shows you have a strong WiFi signal, which can be quite frustrating.

Slow WiFi can be at the root of many problems with your iPhone X.  A few examples include slow or weak connection to your browser or Apps, or that your WiFi switches to data automatically, or that your phone suddenly forgets an existing WiFi connection on your iPhone X. The following instructions below will address all the types of issues that you might experience and help you fix your iPhone X problems with WiFi that is giving you a huge hassle. But don’t worry, the following guides will provide some quick steps on how to fix that pesky WiFi problem.

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Slow WiFi Problems iPhone Tricks

How to fix the iPhone X slow WiFi problems:

  • Restart your iPhone X
  • Restarting your router or modem by powering down for a few minutes
  • Make sure your software iOS is the most up to date (Settings > General > Software Update)

If you’re still having issues, you can follow the below steps to reconnect to your WiFi network.

Reconnecting to your WiFi by using “Forget This Network” for iPhone X:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Select your current Wi-Fi Network name
  3. Tap “Forget This Network”
  4. Wait a few seconds, and click back on the Wi-Fi Network name
  5. Re-enter the Networks credentials/password

If you’re still experiencing issues, and use VPN connection, it’s worth checking to make sure that’s not creating the issue.  In the upper left corner of your phone, you will see the letters “VPN” indicating you are connected to a VPN configuration.  If you are, follow these steps to disconnect your VPN and see if that fixes the issue.

Disconnecting VPN on the iPhone X:

  1. Go to Settings > General
  2. Scroll down to “VPN”
  3. Tap on VPN and disconnect from your current VPN Configuration

If you’re still experiencing issues, you may have to perform a Factory Reset on your iPhone X.

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Slow WiFi Problems iPhone Tricks

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