How to use a wireless Nintendo Switch controller in wired mode

How to use a wireless Nintendo Switch controller in wired mode

Do you have a wireless controller that you want to use with your Nintendo Switch in its wired mode? Are you having a hard time figuring out how to switch to wired mode? I’ve wondered the same thing, and I did some searching to figure it out so you don’t have to. Here’s how to use a wireless controller in wired mode!

Wireless controllers

Maybe you already have a wireless controller or you’re in the market for one; if you fall into the latter category, I have quite a few great options for your Switch. Although the Pro Controller comes in at a hefty $65, it’s the best bang for your buck. Whether in Wired or Wireless mode, you will continue to get the HD rumble that makes your gaming experience spectacular. Other options include IVSO controller and the Bestruket controller which are Bluetooth wireless controllers, so make sure you have a Bluetooth transmitter in order to connect your controller to your Switch.

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How to enable wired mode

If you already have your wireless controller, you know how great it is to have the wonderful wireless mode. Also, in order to charge most wireless controllers, you have to connect it to the Switch or to an outlet. This is most likely where you will need to use it in the wired mode and where enabling this mode will be most beneficial.

If you still want to play your Switch while charging the controller, or you just enjoy having your controller wired to your console, you’ll have to tweak a few settings in order for it to work. When you’re looking to enable the wired mode, you need to head to System Settings, go under Controllers and Sensors to the Pro Controller Wired Communication. You will have to enable this, and when you do so, the NFC reader will no longer work. Without the NFC reader, you won’t be able to add amiibos to your games so make sure you do this before going into wired mode.

Any questions?

Leave any further questions down in the comment section, and we will be sure to find a fix for you!

How to use a wireless Nintendo Switch controller in wired mode

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