Libratone’s new TRACK+ headphones are perfect for your morning run

Libratone’s new TRACK+ headphones are perfect for your morning run

Today, minimalist audio tech company Libratone announced the latest addition to its line of sleek audio accessories at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The new headphones, dubbed TRACK+, are featherlight, flexible, wireless, and feature adaptive adjustable noise cancellation, making them a perfect addition to your fitness routine or daily commute.

Design-wise, the headphones are understated and elegant — great for packing in a bag or placing in a pocket when not in use. And because of the headset’s compact and flexible form factor, you won’t have to mess with an irritating tangle of knotted cords and wires (or, you know, a missing headphone jack) when you’re ready to whip them out to catch up on your favorite podcast or get pumped for a workout. The earbuds are also ergonomically designed and sweat-proof (with an IPX4 water-resistance rating), so they’ll be comfortable enough to listen to for hours, no matter what you’re up to.

The TRACK+ headphones also feature Libratone’s industry-leading four levels of adaptive adjustable noise cancellation, which allows you to control how much outside noise you can hear at any given moment. If you need to stay alert while enjoying your tunes, TRACK+’s “Hush mode” uses the earphones’ integrated mics to pick up the sound around you, letting you keep your earbuds in without needing to sacrifice your situational awareness. Sound-wise, TRACK+ maintains all the audio quality of Libratone’s famed Q-Adapt earphones, which have been highly praised by many.

Uffe Kjems Hansen, Global Product Management Director for Libratone, shared how TRACK+ fulfills the company’s ambitions in a statement:

Our ambition is to provide our customers with sophisticated technical products that offer a smooth user experience that’s synonymous with stylish Danish design, great sound, freedom and ease of use. The new TRACK+ Wireless In-Ear totally fulfills our desire.

If you’d like to swap out your old, cord-heavy earphones for Libratone’s TRACK+, they’ll be available soon on the company’s website and on Amazon. The headphones come in Stormy Black and Cloudy White, and are priced at $199.


What do you think of Libratone’s new TRACK+ wireless headphones? Give us a shout in the comments!

Libratone’s new TRACK+ headphones are perfect for your morning run

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